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NPC Addons

The NPC Addons is located to the right of the main temple, where you have access to get all the addons if you bring the correct items he asks for. Say 'addons' and the NPC will show you the list of addons available to get. In the list choose the addon you want to make and the NPC will inform all the items you need to take to him.

Citizen Outfit   

Hunter Outfit   

Knight Outfit   

Mage Outfit   

Nobleman Outfit   

Summoner Outfit   

Warrior Outfit   

Barbarian Outfit   

Druid Outfit   

Wizard Outfit   

Oriental Outfit   

Pirate Outfit   

Assassin Outfit   

Beggar Outfit   

Shaman Outfit   

Norseman Outfit   

Nightmare Outfit   

Jester Outfit   

Yalaharian Outfit   

Brotherhood Outfit   

Warmaster Outfit   

Wayfarer Outfit   

Demon Hunter Outfit