Today's boosted creature: Vicious Squire Monster Pedestal Box
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Exp Rate:Server's own
Skill Rate:Server's own
Loot Rate:Server's own
Respaw Free Rate:60 seconds
Respaw VIP Rate:48 seconds

General Settings
World type:PVP / NO PVP / ENFORCED
Premium Account: Free
Level to create guild:Level 250
Pz Locked:10 seconds
Amunition/Runes/Potions/Charges infinity: Yes
Time AFK to get kicked: 15 minutes
Death penalty without bless: 1%
Death penalty with bless: 0,65%
Limit of multi-client (MC): 4 players per IP
Bot is allowed? Yes
Free blessing: Level 100
Global Server Save 19:00 UTF-3

PvP Settings
White Skull Time: 5 minutes
Red Skull Time: 24 hours
Black Skull Time: 48 hours
Frags to Red Skull: 10 frags
Frags to Black Skull: 15 frags
Time to decrease frags: 5 hours
PvP Protection: Level 100


See all available commands on the server and their functionality on the commands page.

Stamina Settings
Time Information
42:00 ~ 40:00 Bonus +50% of EXP.
39:59 ~ 14:01 EXP Simple.
14:00 ~ 00:00 Reduction -50% of EXP and no loot drops from the monsters you kill.
09:59 ~ 00:00 Disable Kills for Tasks.
Time to recover stamina Regeneration Stamina
3 minutes offline You get 1 minute of stamina.
1 minutes on Trainer You get 1 minute of stamina.
1 minutes on Trainer VIP You get 2 minute of stamina.
1 minutes on Exercise Dummies You get 2 minute of stamina.

House Settings
Level to buy house: Level 200
Price per SQM: 10000 gold coins
Need VIP to buy house? Yes
The rent of the house will be charged weekly and the amount will be the same as you paid when you bought it.
To pay the rent, just leave the money in the bank.
If you go 7 days without logging in, the house will be removed at the next Global Save.