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Hunted System and Commands

[EN] The hunted system is a way for you to place a reward for the death of a player, and whoever kills this player will receive the prize offered.

[PT] O sistema hunted é uma forma de colocar uma recompensa pela morte de algum jogador, e quem matar este jogador irá recebe o prêmio ofertado.

!hunted add, playerName, gold, count
example: !hunted add, GOD Luan, gold, 1000000 (1KK)
(Add a hunted offering gold coins)
!hunted add, playerName, points, count
example: !hunted add, GOD Holy, points, 30
(Add a hunted offering holy coins)
!hunted add, playerName, item
example: !hunted add, GOD Loki, item
(Your offer item on SLOT arrow)
!hunted cancel, playerName
example: !hunted cancel, GOD Luan

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